Manchester, Connecticut

Construction Projects

2020 Construction Projects        
Water and Sewer Replacements - Valley St. Neighborhood
Safety Improvements - Buckland St. at Buckland Hills Dr.
Adams Street Resurfacing
LED Streetlight Replacements
Hillstown Road Reconstruction - Wetherell to Bush Hill
Splash Pad at Verplanck School
Morse Road and Salem Road Infrastructure Improvements
Stair Replacement at Manchester High School
2020 Sidewalk Replacement Program
Municipal Fueling Facility Replacement
Hartford Road Bridge over Hop Brook Replacement
2020 Paving Program - Contract 1 (Remove and Replace)
2020 Paving Program - Contract 2 (Cold in Place Recycling)
2020 Paving Program - Contract 3 (Mill and Overlay)
Whiton Library Parking Lot Resurfacing
Sanitary Sewer Replacements - Russell St. and Thomas St.
Drainage Improvements - Phyllis Rd and Bobby Lane

2021-2022 Construction Projects 
Road Resurfacing - Various Roads
Spruce Street Improvements
Main Street Pedestrian Improvements
Buckland St. at Tolland Turnpike
Plymouth Lane Reconstruction
Tolland Turnpike Sidewalk Installations
Madison-Foster-Jackson-Hawley Neighborhood Improvements
Traffic Signal Replacements on Middle Turnpike West
Union Pond Dam Concrete Repairs
Gardner Street Reconstruction (Fern St. to Line St.)
Road and Water Main Improvements - Essex-Crescent-Little-Durant
Charter Oak Park Handball Court Improvements
Water Main Replacement - Ridgewood-Alexander-St John-Roosevelt-Lincoln
Robert Road Neighborhood Improvements
Shared Use Path - Hartford Road and Bidwell Street
Center Springs Park Improvements - Main St at Bigelow St Entrance

For more information on a project, please contact Jeff LaMalva, Town Engineer at (860) 647-3158.