Manchester, Connecticut

About Us

The Engineering Division is comprised of four units: Design, Survey, Maps and Records/GIS and Construction Inspection.

The Design Unit is responsible for preparing plans, specifications and cost estimates for public works construction projects; reviewing proposals from developers and utility companies for conformance to the Town's Public Improvement Standards; preparing grant application packages and providing engineering consultation to Town departments.

The Maps and Records/GIS Unit is responsible for maintaining record mapping of site plans, subdivisions, utilities, rights-of-way, etc.; maintaining the Town's Geographic Information System (GIS); providing mapping and other information to the general public; and assigning addresses to new buildings.

The Survey Unit is responsible for providing basemapping to the Design unit for public works construction projects; performing field surveys and investigations for other Town departments; maintaining the Town's survey control network; and reviewing rights-of-way mapping, conveyances and easement documents for the Town.

The Construction Inspection Unit is responsible for inspecting all construction work within the Town's present or future right-of-way, including public works projects, subdivisions, private development and public utility projects for conformance to Town standards; administering the Town's Right-of-Way Permit and Water and Sewer Permit programs, investigating complaints; and overseeing the maintenance of the Town's streetlights.